Water Damaged Carpet Cleaning

There are many ways that water can enter your home. You may have a leak in your roof or a busted water pipe. When water comes into your home’s living space, it can saturate your carpet. If the carpet is not cleaned and treated, promptly is can cause permanent damage. That’s why you need to contact a professional water damage carpet cleaning company as soon as you remove the water from your home.

Water damage after flooding in house with mould on walls

Many people don’t think they need a professional to remove water from their carpet. They get a wet/dry vac or rent a carpet cleaning machine believing they have enough power to remove the water from the carpet. In most cases, they’re wrong.

A residential carpet cleaning machines were not built to remove a large amount of water from a carpet. They were only intended to suction up the water the machine put into the surface of the carpet. And even a wet/dry vac was not made to remove water from a carpet.

In addition to the problem of getting the water out of the carpet, you also need to be concerned with the damage the water caused to the carpet. Water can weaken carpet fibers and any materials used to bind the carpet together. It can also cause damage to any underlayment used under the carpet.

A professional carpet cleaner can be a valuable resource when you have a carpet that has been damaged by water. They can determine the condition of the carpet. They may find that the damage is too extensive. In this case, it would make more sense to remove the carpet and replace it.

If the carpet is not in terrible condition, the carpet cleaning company can start cleaning the carpet to determine if any repairs need to be made. If the carpet needs to be repaired, they can help you locate someone who can do the work for you.

If you have an Oriental rug or antique rug in your home, then you should only allow a professional to handle the cleaning of this type of floor covering. These rugs are delicate, and if you handle them incorrectly, you can cause irreparable damage.

A carpet cleaner can help you protect your carpet whether it’s an expensive Oriental rug or an ordinary carpet. They can clean up the excess water, assess the damage to your carpet and help you determine the best way to help your carpet to get back to its previous condition.