Explorer's Jungle Book

Mandarina and Yanri at Leuser National Park

Ms Mandarina Warouw, a good friend of me, a Jakarta-borned woman, works part time for one Indonesian country band as a "bakcstage manager" in Jakarta, a physically fit person, finally came up on agreement to a one hideout trip of a lifetime, at least thats how we called it :) to the one and only Leuser National Park, on the border of North Sumatra and Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Province on the northernmost part of Sumatra Island. This trip was aimed to have a brief look on the orangutan at Bukit Lawang, try out some treks, and of course enjoy the luxurious facilities of the area management, especially at Bukit Lawang district.

Just after spending few days over the national park, we decide to continue this overland tour by driving south the island to the spectacular Lake Toba at Parapat - at the Province of North Sumatra, and tasted out a real hideaway corner on the island of Samosir, of the Toba Lake.

Just a few weeks after the trips, of where some photographs you can enjoy here on this page, we decide to get back touring to visit the Festival of Lake Kerinci 2003, held from the 6th - 12th on July 2003, on the bank of Lake Kerinci - Sungai Penuh- Jambi Province, a farmland small city which is well known to enclaved the Kerinci Seblat National Park

. Unfortunately, we arrived late just one night after the opening ceremonies were made. We missed so much attractions and performings done by local villager of Sungai Penuh. They mentioned some magic attraction was performed by the magician of the Kerinci Highland, and we hope we could go back and visit this lake festival on the coming year.

For all dearest guests of jambiexplorer, we from jambiexplorer gratefully presents some thumbnails collection of the "jungle book" we made during these trips for you, just enjoy and get your boots geared and preapared for your next trip with us!

Get the most fun here out in the nature, why bother the city hall............(Yanri 03:714)

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