Leuser National Park


Leuser, is one of Indonesia's largest and the most diversed national park. This park is located in Aceh and North Sumatra province of Sumatra Island., where the name, Leuser, is taken from an 3,455 meter high peak of the mountain range. It is the only place in the earth where four of world's spectacular animals ; the orangutan, rhinocheros, elephant and tiger are found together. Generally this park may represent each of this charachter of Beach and swamp forest, lowland rainforest , montane or moss fores up to subalpine forest.

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Leuser visitors

Sumatran Tiger in Leuser


At least 130 species of mammals are recognised to belong to this park like the Sumatran tiger ( panthera tigris sumatraensis ) Sumatran elephant ( elephas maximus ), Sumatran rhinocheros ( dicherorinus sumatraensis ), Orangutan ( pongo pygmaeus ), Siamang ( hylobates syndactilus ), macaques, clouded leopard ( neofelis nebulosa ), ajak ( cuon alpinus ), and various sub of deers and sambar. Also noted at least 325 species of birds live inside the park.Reptils and fish may also represent the still diversed ecosystem.

The orangutan

Estimated there are up to 5000 orangutans inside the parks, , and also had been established and Orangutan Centre by the park officer.


Thomas leaf monkey in Alas River


Sumatran elephant



Mount Sinabung, an active volcano on the park's border

Alas River


Giant rafflesia flower

Alas river rafting


Sumatran rhino

Sumatran rhino, is a great wanderer, commonly travelling 15 km a day. If necessary it wil climb precipitous slopes and swim across deep rivers.Contrary to common believes, rhinos are not ill equipped relics from prehistoric times, in fact, they are superbly adapted to tropical forests and would regain theri former numbers if poaching eliminated.




blue-rumped parrot

Rhinoceros hornbill



The available activities for this park todate may be so limited, where we will only be able to reach the southern park boundary of where the Orangutan Centre is located. Please send us an email for information about available trip

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