Kerinci Seblat National Park


In this national parks, live up to 129 species of birds, 36 mammalians with 24 protected, 10 species of reptiles. 6 species of amphibians, and 8 species of primates. There are also 4000 floras dominated by family of Dipterocarpaceae. Some of these are highly endangered, especially the animals like Sumatera Rhinoceros ( Dicerorhinus sumatraensis ), Wild Mountain Goat ( Capricornis sumatraensis ), Sumatran Tiger ( Panthera tigris sumatraensis ), Sumatran Elephant ( Elephanus maximus sumatranus ), Dead Flower ( Amorphophallus titanum ) and Rafflesia Flower ( Rafflesia arnoldi ).

Merangin River ,
the main river which cross the park area

Mount Kerinci


Amoprhopallus titanuum ,
( TNKS photo courtesy )


Sumatran Tiger- panthera tigris sumatraensis,
( FFI camera trap - photo courtesy )



Ecologically, Kerinci Seblat National Park is a conservation area with prime complete ecosystem, starting from low rainforest area, up to sub-alpine area. Some areas may represent high wetland like peat lake, freshwater swamp and volcanogenic lake.

You can view the 3D block model of the Kerinci - Gunung 7 Volcanic Complex, click here

Helmeted hornbill - bucheros vigil
( FFI photo courtesy )


Golden cat - catopuma temminckii,
( FFI camera trap - photo courtesy )



Sumatran Rhinoceros - dicherorhinus sumatraensis,
( FFI camera trap - photo courtesy )


Black bear - helarctos malayanus
( FFI - photo courtesy )



Tapirus Indicus ,
( FFI camera trap - photo courtesy )

Salvadori's pheasants - lophura inornata
( FFI camera trap - photo courtesy )



Clouded leopard - neophelis nebulosa
( FFI camera trap - photo courtesy )


Marled cat- pardofelis marmorata
( FFI camera trap - photo courtesy )


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Package 1. Spectacular Mount Kerinci
This package will take you to challenge the spectacular rate of Mount Kerinci with peak of 3805 meter above sea level, which makes it to be the second highest location in Indonesia, after Puncak Jayawijaya, Irian Jaya, and to be the highest volcano in Indonesia.
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Package 2. Amazing Lakes of the Mountain
This package will take you to enjoy four highland lakes over the center of Kerinci Seblat National Park, which are Lake Kerinci (around 800 meter asl), Belibis Lake (1800 meter above sea level), Lake Ladeh Panjang (1950 meter asl), and Gunung Tujuh Lake (1996 meter asl). which is the highest peat lake over the southeast Asia.
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Package 3. Sumatran Tiger Of The Highland
Pack up your gears, this shall be the most adventurous package. This will take you to pace up on the almost virgin jungle over the national park, following the track of the endangered Sumatran Tiger, and directly picture the breathtaking wild moment of the big cats.
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Package 4. Tropic evergreen paradise of Mount Masurai
Mount Masurai is one of the higest peak over the park. Its peak of 2720 meter above sea level, and two highland lakes near by , Lake Kumbang and Lake Mabuk, may offer you an easy trek for family. The camping ground just on the lakeside of Lake Kumbang , also comes up at a spectacular rate for outdoor photography
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Package 5."Grao"- the smoking river of Ranah Kemumu
Trekking up to the Ranah Kemumu has always been our favourite run away. Easy walking trek across the jungle , tailored to family or groups of folks. One day walk up to the Grao, a local name for a hotspring, especially in this area is Grao Matahari , one sulphur-rich hotspring locates right in the middle of rocky rapid draining river,canopied by tall trees, mixing and heating up the stream. This is where you shall see hot steaming whitewater and which sometimes may burst up to 15 meters high, engined by shallow hydrothermal system, chanelled up way by fault
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Package 6. The Hotspring Connection
This package, may offer an addition to the Grao package, as you will be trekking west across green jungle, where flowers bloom the whole year, talking to local farmers, for another 2 days to reach Kerinci area at lempur, another hotspring area over the highland district. Exploring tertiary hydrothermal system, rock alteration forming exotic mineralogy along your path, and further draw a line of possible geological features connecting your ends,shall be the puzzle of your interest.
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Package 7. The Rawas Whitewater Boating
The Rawas District, a long known Dutch localities, since the colonial, of place where most gold of this island have been dug out and shipped to Netherland, still remains as wild as they used to. Local villagers, with their long riverboat, will take you down facing the whitewater upstream. Some may enjoy kayaking and rubber rafting downstream, but please let us inform you that boarding the small riverboat and race it to the upstream breaking rapids and narrow stream rocky channel tastes more adventurous. This area of southeastern part of the Park is dominated by Mesozoic rock formation
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