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Todate, this Foundation is on the process of brainstorming.
The goal of this would be like giving understanding to youth and young generation to actively participate in every way they can to help this creatures live in their original world.
Pushing local government to issue legal act and even laws against every brutal act of hunters and farmers will be one main goal of the Foundation.
Currently, upgrading the sense of belonging of community around the world on this endangered cat is the platform for stronger and more constructed foundation
We at are now trying to gain your participation in helping the movement and supportThe Sumatran Tiger Foundation, and we invite all guests from around the world to donate their thinking and ideas first before we step on further.

Panthera tigris sumatraensis

  • Sumatran tigers are the smallest tiger subspecies. Males average 2.4 meters in length from head to tail and weigh about 120 kilograms
  • Females measure approximately 2.2 meters in length and weigh about 90 kilograms. Depending on the subspecies, a tiger can range from 6 feet to 13 feet from tip of nose to tip of tale.
  • Sumatran tiger eats wild pig, big deer (called rusa), and small deer (called muntjak or barking deer). The average litter size of tigers is 2 or 3 cubs (the largest is 5).
  • Wild tigers eat as much as 75 pounds of meat at one time. After such a large amount of food they will not eat again for several days or until they can catch more prey. Wild tigers eat wild pig, wild cattle, deer and whatever else the tiger finds appealing. In captivity tigers are fed a commercially prepared feline diet.
  • Unlike lions, tigers live alone except when a mother is raising her cubs.
  • The size of the territory ranges from 15 to 35 squares miles depending on the amount of food available. Siberian tigers have ranges as large as 125 square miles. A male tigers territory will usually overlap several female tigers territories.
  • Tigers leave scent marks of urine on bushes and trees. They also leave scratch marks on trees.
  • The Sumatran weighing 250 to 300 pounds with the female weighing 195 to 225 pounds almost half of the weight of Siberian tigers are the heaviest subspecies at 600 to 700 pounds with the males heavier than the females.
  • Tigers have yellow irises or blue in the case of the white Tiger. Their night vision is 8 times better than that of humans because of a retinal adaptation which reflects light back to the retina.
  • A tigers forefeet has five toes and the hind feet has four toes. All have claws.
  • Very large teeth are found in a tigers mouth. They range between 70mm to 95mm depending on the size and age of the tiger.
  • Depending on the geographic location of the tiger the fur will be short or long. In southern subspecies the hair is short to compensate for the warmer climate. In the northern subspecies, the Siberian, hair is longer because of the colder climate.

Photo from Royal Tiger Preservation Inc


Bali Tiger , one of its spcies, had extincted in 1937, meanwhile Java Tiger had been history since 1980. No one had ever seen the families ever since again.
Now based on recent statistics, only around 300 -400 tigers left in the jungle of Central Sumatra, Aceh and South Sumatra.
Also noted that during 1998, up to 100 tigers had been killed and slayered by farmers and illegal hunters.
We could imagine if this continue, we will only find this lovely gentle big cat at the zoos around the world.So join us save the Sumatran tiger....

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This man was caught selling tiger's part , note that his hand was handcuffed.....

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