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Jambi as a growing province with so many undeveloped resources had been in very slow pace in this economic races, especially to get out of this global economic crisis. Weakness or possibly the unappreciated skill of understanding and management of the local government had worsened the scenario.

Understanding through a very comprehensive on a local-centered economic potencies, Jambi Web Commerce had initiated a significant leap outward this condition. By competent local networking, government approach, media reconciliation and optimization, global market identification, qualitative finance analysis and high technology application, a very profit generating center of trading and commercial shall be soon started.

To date our main subject of interest are handicraft, traditional dances to performing arts and outdoor wildlife adventure package.

We had developed our networking of experts, especially inside Explorer, the name of where the adventure project is held on, where experts with experiences in such world organizations like World Wide Fund for nature ( WWF), Flora Fauna International ( FFI ), and WARSI at grass root level, and some consulting for our finance analysis had been activated to loosely participated in every gain of the project.

One question is will we enhance our perspective about nature conservation through this project is yes, as we will try as much as we can do to walk together as an business oriented group of people along with conservationists. Sumatran Tiger Foundation is our seed of thinking to be a place where in the future we will get busy more as conservationists, and to date we really expect any perspective and comments about this foundation.
Jambi Web Commerce are these group of highly dynamic people.

Yanri Siregar, a 29 years old male, Jambi Web Commerce Operational Manager ( Principal ), spend most of his professional track as exploration geologist, from graduate to Project Geologist for multi national gold companies like Aurora Gold Ltd and Newmont Western Pacific Gold Company. Few gold deposits he mentioned had resulted from his hammer cracking, and this show us he must be something gold companies will turn back to.
Whenever he is asked what was his motivation of getting this kind of project started, he only pointed up his finger up and say " set your goal as always, wise and free, so let those fat asses out of my way "
Contact him at yanri@jambiexplorer.com

Iswandi Eka Putra , a 29 years old, working half scheduled at Santa Fe,Energy Resources an American oil company, as Fire and Safety Officer. During his off-rooster, he will be the one to handle our handicraft business.
Life is too short to be taking so seriously, unless my drilling rig is blowing out… that is how he pictures out his job with Santa Fe.
Contact him at andi_eka@jambiexplorer.com

Ali Auza Rusitadi , 24 years, our Art and Creative Manager, a very keen photographer, with a very sharp outdoor instinct and reflex. He is one Bandung's indoor professional photographer club leader, now in his senior years at Geology Department of Institute of Technology Bandung. Working at National Geographic would be one of his long term career path, and to us this show an incredible ground to earth professional attitude needed by the company to grow up. All photographs inside this website is his result of patience, skillfulness and personal attitude.
Contact him at ali_rusitadi@jambiexplorer.com

Mary Regina Silaban, our 24 years old Foreign Marketing Manager, a sharp and 'don't debate me' kind of person. She is our leading edge in creating foreign network for marketing and partnership. Her background is geology and lately she was involved with oil company like VICO Indonesia , Indonesian Geologist Association ( IAGI ) and Association of American Petroleum Geologist ( AAPG ). Understanding she was born to be busy and productive, she joins this company.
One of her comment lately which really made us silent is "Hey, what is wrong with backpackers…, this is a free world "
Contact her at regina_mary@jambiexplorer.com

Herryadi , the Explorer Manager , a man of thousand peaks, a 24 years old mountaineer and outdoor expert.. Leading few outdoor activities around Jawa Island, almost completely filed out his peak records of volcano climbing over Java and Nusa Tenggaras. Never stop before the peak.. He set the package and give it the safety rules. Still in his last years at Geology Department of Institute of Technology Bandung, and he say his latest peak in the ring of fire would be hiking back up to Grassberg - Irian Jaya on foot. He needs to redo that spectacular Dozy's expedition, and this must not be kidding.
"Why do we need trems and landcruisers when God had kindly create us a pair of legs", is his typical words.
Contact him at herry120@jambiexplorer.com

Ibnu Andrian , a 24 years old male, our bird master. Last year in Faculty of Economic, Jambi University He is the Berbak National Park Representative Officer, Currently involved with Birdlife International project, an international organization, for a bird identification project for Berbak National Park.
He will be your official guide for our packages at Berbak National Park. Just don't be surprised whenever during your trip you will hear a bird sound even not a single bird is around, it must be Dudung's whistling.
Contact him at dudung@jambiexplorer.com

Mulya Shakti, a 30 years old, graduated from Faculty of Agriculture , Jambi University. used to be WWF contractor at Kerinci Seblat National Park. He is our Kerinci Seblat National Park Representative Officer. Call him mountain goat, then he will be in a second flashing out of your sight and have his peaceful smile set at the peak. Now currently working for the park for Component C, reside in Kerinci Town.
He will be the one organize your trip and set the support facilities during your trip to Kerinci Seblat.
Contact him at mulyashakti@jambiexplorer.com

Dana , a 30 years old, .he is our Finance Consultant, a very dynamic person, graduated from City Planning Department of Institute of Technology Bandung, finished his Masters of Business Management from Asian Institute of Management at the Philippines, currently work for Department of Civil Engineering, and one e-commerce company as a market analysis, residing in Jakarta.
What we picture him is from his word like " Okey guys, let's make some money smoothly and nicely…." Contact him at ramdana@jambiexplorer.com



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