Traditonal dance and performing art

Travelling back the journey of Jambi had led them to come up with one of the most glorious era and scenario of the ancient Melayu Kingdom during the 4th century where colourful tradition and performing arts.had not been in a very simple way of living. There were hundreds of wisdoms and up to thousands of symbolization inherited by the traditions

The result of one long way of discovery and exploration , a very tiring and endless effort of local artists and dancers, from teens to the grands, from the musicians to the choreographers, even to the grand of the Jambinese ancestors up in the mountanious area of Kerinci, were standing close hand in hand, moves in perfection with the harmony of music ensemble, altogether to bring back those glorious era of Jambi Melayu Kingdom era


Puti Cinde, one of the dance inspired by the sculpture on the wall of temple Muara Takus showing the greatness, holiness of the souls in greeting great visitors


Some of world's known choreographers were nowadays involved in the exploration of this symbolic rituals and also to the theatrical performing arts. Names like M.Ceylon dan O.K. Hundrick and especially Tom Ibnur, had really impressed the world by their patience to bring the dances up to world class art festival such Singapore Arts Festival 2001


Joged Batang Hari dance by Kajanglako dancer

Marcok dance from Kerinci where members of the community participate in the act of becoming invulnerable to sharp object , the man is happen to stab his belly with a knife


Local traditions and ceremonies are always found enlightening the daily life of Jambinese. Folklores, sculptures on the wall of ancient temples had been translated beautifully to hundreds of performing arts

The long known ceremony in Kerinci where the outfits and performers may remind us to the ancient Buddhist which in fact ruled the highland starting the 10th century



Up and above, the dance of Selampit Delapan, which tells the wisdom about how faithfulnes bacome the most strengthening tools in youth relationship. Performed by eight charming couples of young girls and boys held by eight tying shawl, representing how promises of the spoken vow remains strong by the shawl adjoining their hearts






The Kain Kromong dance, from the Mandiangin Tuo village . This dance tells the ritual of tangling where usually they sing awhile altogether. Soon after the tangling finished, they had just realised that the song they had just sung inconsciously sounds like the spinning wheel they had used to tangle

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Selampit Delapan dance ( 577 KB - 14 sec )

Joged Batanghari dance ( 582 KB - 15 sec )

Puti Cinde dance ( 575 KB - 15 sec )

Rentak Regam Swarnabhumi ( 565 KB - 14 sec )

Umo Awak Umo Kito dance ( 577 KB - 14 sec )


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