Batik Jambi

Batik Jambi is indeed a thing of tremendous beauty and some say offer you the treasure of its journey's mystery.

The uniqueness in Batik Jambi lies on its fabriques.

Regarding this where up to 80's motives or fabriques were known among the Batik Jambi However, learning how these fabriques were created and found will be the most exciting as we will bring ourselves back to the history of Melayu Jambi Kingdom which is still argued to be the center of the Hindunese Kingdow of Sriwijaya in the 4th century.

This side actually has brought Batik jambi into the world of its kind and show how it enriches the favours and show up to its traditional history.

In days of old, the process of batik printing was a long and tedious one. In those days, the 'janting', a small copper cup featuring a bamboo handle and one or more spouts, was used to drip wax in intricate patterns on both sides of a piece of fabric. The fabric was then immersed into a dye to color the exposed areas. The process was repeated till the desired patterns and colors were obtained. Boiling the fabric thoroughly removed the wax and it was then hung in the shade to air-dry, batik never being dried in the sun because the direct sunlight 'kills' its color

Batik Jambi so far had take on many forms such as a simple piece of paintings, a formal sarong, an elegant pillow cover or even a tie.

We here at have some packages to bring you back to the untravelled journeys of the Batik Jambi history, vary from on-line ordering and purchase, a special package of delivery to all around the world, and a very special in place holiday package of sinking into the deep of the mistery of Batik Jambi.

We have some program guided by all the batik makers offering you spending few days in the heart of the Batik Village (additional to the adventure packages ), learning all the history, try to paint your own batik fabrique, or even to have your own touch of painting on a piece of silk and cotton.

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