Walking on The River of Sun


River of love rolls down through our blood

risk to playing under shadow of the sunlight heaven tears.

wind swim to the head, slowly

honey beach dreams about the dance of trees in the deep sea

breaking the true heart of the wave

came and fly on the power of stones

through the revance of our love away

but, keep the sailor ship

until the end of the conflict,

finish without concerning the price of the loneliness

Walking on river of sun,

forget. Forget all the past

future back to the eye of sky

tie the children of heart off

kill the world!

Editor's Note

Ari Setya Ardhi is one of Jambi's milestone in poetry. The Jakarta borned poet, never had a big leap but his deep patience in all kind of literate arts. He write short novels, poems , hundreds of essays, and deeply involved in theatre activities, thus had led him to be one of Indonesia's talented driven literate artists. His masterpiece on poem writing, had brought him for a nation wide poem festival called 21st Poet Society, which was held at the Indonesia's famous Taman Ismail Marzuki-Jakarta . Bohemian Theatre Club is his always place to come back and re-create and wisely scratch his wisdom

The above poem, was inspired by the passion and truthful love of young Ari, a typical symbolic to the deep running and precious God's nature gift, The River of Batanghari, the longest river in Sumatra Island, cut across most of the Jambi region, with it's silence and the mystery hundred of years witnessing moments to the glorious history of the ancient Jambi melayu Kingdom

Living the world of the neverending contempos , he devoted some of his masterpiece to be uploaded here, at www.jambiexplorer.com, and hopefully you , our dear Guests, shall let us know if we shall upload more of his works here up in the cyber. Share your wisdom with him

One earth, live it with peace !!!

For the moment, you can contact Ari Setya Ardhi at this address Ari Setya Ardhi's

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